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Orthotics Wearing Schedule

Orthotics Wearing Schedule

Please read these instructions carefully so that you will have a safe and comfortable adjustment into your new orthotics*.
Day 1:  15 min – 1 hour;  or until sore anywhere (within 1 hour)
Day 2: 15 min-2 hours or until sore anywhere (within 2 hours)
Day 3: 2-4 hours (or until sore within 4 hours)
Day 4: 2-4 hours (or until sore)
Day 5: 2-4 hours (or until sore)
Day 6: 2-4 hours (or until sore)
Day 7: 2-4 hours (or until sore)
Week 2: 4-6 hours or until sore anywhere on your body
Week 3: 6-8 hours
Week 4: gradually increase the time until all day
* Orthotics may be worn several times a day,  but only after long periods of rest and not more than the recommended hours each interval each day.

Wearing Instructions: Custom Made Orthotics

  1. Orthotics are NOT like ordinary shoes.  Instead,  they are more like putting braces on your teeth!  In this,  you will feel soreness/pain during the initial break-in period.  This is NORMAL. In fact,  if there is no soreness or pain after the first week,  the orthotics are not having to do much work and your feet are in fairly good shape already!  Follow the wearing plan regardless.
  2. Please be patient during the first few weeks.
    1. Do NOT forget the orthotics are under your feet.
    2. Do NOT continue wearing the orthotics all day long.
    3. Do NOT run,  or use orthotics during
      strenuous activity.
    4. When first starting to use them in sports or strenuous activities later on after the initial break-in period,  there may also be an adjustment period again.  Use with CAUTION.
  3. Take your orthotics off when your feet (or body) are getting too sore.  Wait till later in the day or the next day to put them on again.  There is no rush.  Follow the wearing plan if you can,  but change it if you must to accommodate your soreness or pain.  You will adjust eventually,  so don’t worry.
  4. A lump underneath the arch (kind of like a golf ball) or itching sensation under the arch may be felt for a while.  This is NORMAL.  This is your third arch which is NOT put in ordinary shoes.  This third arch sensation should disappear gradually between 21 – 28 days;  flat or high arched feet between 45 – 120 days.
  5. One foot may feel more comfortable than the other for a while.  This is also NORMAL. This is due to the condition of adjustment of one foot over the other during the initial stages.  A difference does NOT mean you have the wrong size orthotics under your feet.  All sizes are carefully custom-fit by technicians to match your feet.  Adjustments should NOT be necessary during the first 3 months of wearing orthotics.  A review for adjustment will be more acceptable once your complaint appears constant and annoying past 3 months.

2nd & 3rd Months:

  1. Aching on your feet,  or other parts of your body may still be felt even past three months. This is very NORMAL.  Remember,   your whole body is being affected toward a new,  healthier alignment,  so please be patient.  Muscles,  tendons and ligaments take a long time to adjust.
  2. When a repetitive ache continues past 3 months,  try this technique:  Take the orthotics OUT for about 3 to 5 days.  Any aching should reduce significantly or even disappear.  Later,  put the orthotics back in.  The ache should come back with less intensity this time.  Repeat this process many times over until your soreness goes away (this way you are allowing your feet/body time to adjust).

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Why Wear Compression Stockings?

Today’s compression stockings are made to look great and they can be worn by anyone, at any age and for a variety of reasons.

Compression stockings are useful if:

  • You have ever suffered from tired, achy and/or swollen legs;
  • You suffer from varicose veins or spider veins.
  • You plan on traveling
  • You are pregnant


Prolonged sitting in a cramped position and high altitudes can both lead to the development of blood clots in the leg. This is commonly referred to as Economy Class Syndrome, or Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVP). DVP can become dangerous if the clots travel to the heart or brain (leading to heart attack or stroke respectively). Compression stockings help to prevent the blood from pooling in your lower legs, decreasing the risk of clotting.


Are your legs tired, achy and/or swollen at the end of the day? Prolonged standing or sitting allows blood to stagnate in your lower leg, causing soreness and possibly leading to edema (fluid build up). This is referred to as Occupational Edema. Using a compression as low as 8 – 15 mmHg can dramatically help reduce soreness and swelling in the lower leg.


It has been estimated that up to 40% of all pregnant women will develop varicose veins during their pregnancy. While pregnant, the body releases hormone to relax the walls of your veins. This is supposed to increase blood flow to the uterus, but as a side effect it can also lead to the development of Varicose Veins. Wearing compression stockings has been shown to help.


Varicose veins are gnarled and enlarged veins that are commonly found in the lower leg. In most people they are simply a visual annoyance, but in some they cause aching pain and discomfort and can even lead to serious health complications (such as ulcerations and blood clotting). Varicose veins may affect up to 60% of North Americans. Your risk of developing varicose veins increases with age, obesity, pregnancy and menopause.

Compression stockings can help reduce existing varicose and spider veins and prevent the development of new ones. To find out which compression stockings are right for you call us today at 1.855.377.8307.
At Brenet Medical we are proud to offer our clients and patience only be best of care. At home or in office service, early AM to late PM. All services are provided by licensed specialists who’s only goal is to help you feel better!

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