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How To Properly Wear Orthotics In Shoes

How To Properly Wear Orthotics In Shoes:

  1. Always take out (cut out) the arches which come already in shoes. Wear orthotics only in a flat shoe.
  2. Dr. Scholl’s FLAT cushions (no arches) may be worn UNDERNEATH your orthotics to give you a cushiony bounce on each step.  This should be very comfortable.  Stack two or three to add more bounce;  however the more cushions you add,  the less balance/alignment may be the effect. Watch your feet closely;  take out the cushions if your ankles start to turn inward or outward too much.
  3. If your ankles are still turning inward/outward (and/or you also want to use cushions under your orthotics),  then purchase a pair of new shoes with a high ankle support (work boots with laces,  hiking boots or high ankled tennis shoes will do the job).
  4. It is IMPORTANT to always pay attention to how tight your shoes are while wearing orthotics. It is best to stretch-out your old shoes with newspaper at night if it feels too tight to use orthotics. If shoes are too tight,  you can actually create more problems than solve!  Always wear shoes which are loose enough for your toes to be able to move around in the shoe comfortably,  not crammed.
  5. If you have worn-out the soles on your shoes before you purchased orthotics,  then BUY NEW SHOES! DO NOT WEAR SHOES ALREADY WORN-OUT ON ONE SIDE OR THE OTHER.
  6. You can wear your orthotics for ANY activity and in ALL types of shoes,  as long as your feet AND your orthotics are fitting COMFORTABLY!  If you experience any discomfort,  do NOT wear the same shoe with the same discomfort for a long period of time or you will regret it!
  7. If you want to use sandals,  place Velcro underneath to keep them in place (Velcro is available at fabric stores).  For women,  you can also wear your orthotics inside your stockings.

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