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Custom Orthotics

All Custom Orthotics supplied by Brenet Medical are custom made from a mold of your feet. Below are some examples as well as answers to common questions you may have about foot orthotics.

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Q & A

What type of orthotic should I wear?
There are various different types of materials used to produce different types of orthoses. Softer materials include EVA (Ethylvinylacetate) while firmer more durable materials can include polypropylene among many others. The choice of material will depend on your foot type, your initial problem, your footwear and your level of activity.

How long do orthotics last for?
Orthotics can last anywhere from 6 months to many years. Once more there are many factors that will affect wear and tear which is why regular reviews for accuracy are so important. Orthotics, just like shoes, do wear out and do need replacing from time to time. We recommend adjusting your orthotics every 8-12 month if worn regularly.

At what age should I start using foot orthotics?
Foot orthotics may be used in children as young as three years of age, however, this is rarely necessary. Most children have relatively "flat feet" as a normal variant and should develop a normal arch by the age of seven. Children should be assessed as early as possible to ensure normal development occurs.
Orthotics are often used as treatment intervention when a child's foot posture is not within its normal range. This intervention frequently helps to eliminate common childhood foot and leg problems including growing pains, aching feet and legs and poor co-ordination.

What is the difference between foot orthotics, insoles and arch supports?
Terms such as foot supports, arch supports, insoles and foot beds are all loose terms used to describe various different types of supports used for the feet. True foot orthotics are prescription devices which are prescribed for your particular complaint, foot and body type.

How long should I wear the orthotics? If custom foot orthotics have been prescribed for you then generally they will be needed indefinitely. This is because foot orthotics are similar to eye glasses... they only work while you are wearing them. As you get older foot posture can improve with continual wear of your orthotics. Orthotics should be checked for accuracy and excessive 'wear and tear' every 6-12 months.

where to get custom foor orthotics? You should get orthotics from a foot specialist. Since they are custom made to fit your body, the casting should be done carefully and correctly to ensure a good quality product. At Brenet Medical all our staff is orthotics certified and is able to provide you with the highest level of service and care.

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